About this site!


The objectives for this site were fairly simple:
To provide sources of information for the hobbies my wife and I are interested in.

We are both licenced radio amateurs.

My name is Tony, my callsign is G6TTL, and I am active on 50, 144, 432MHz.

Hilary, who was licenced in 1989 has the callsign G7EXT, although it is not used very much.

I am no longer RSGB VHF / UHF Awards Manager,this is now carried out by Bill, M0CBQ(QTHR).
The pages relating to this scheme have now been transferred to the main RSGB site.


The other major area on the site involves horses.

Hilary now has two horses, one called 'Merlin' (shown below) who is an twelve-year-old chestnut cob standing 14.1hh.


The other is a 'rare breed' Eriskay pony from the Western Isles called Colum, actually it's much longer, but 'Colum' is far easier. A photo will follow.

The Site:

I have attempted to make the site accessible to all, regardless of platform and/or browser.

The code should conform to HTML4 Transitional, and as far as I am aware there is nothing specific to Netscape or MIE.

In that respect I have kept 'frame based' segments to a minimum, and where they do exist there is a complete set of pages for 'no-frame browsers'.
Similarly I have kept, as far as is possible, graphic intensive areas well away from the 'main' pages.

Hopefully the colour rendering will not be too bad on the majority of browsers if at least 256 colour modes are used. I have had little choice but to use a 800x600 resolution, so apologies to anyone viewing in a lower resolution mode.

Other topics will be added when I have the time to compile the relevant pages!

As I am a relative newcomer to this mode any comments would be welcome.

mail to: g6ttl@orpheusmail.co.uk

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