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For 2004 it was back to the Hay Barn for the remainder of the work that had been put 'on hold' from earlier years.
Much of the old corrugated iron was in a reasonable condition and as in previous attempts as much as could be was re-used. This was quite easy as only short pieces were needed which could be cut from sheets that otherwise were unusable.

The framework was the only area where new timber was used and here a simple support was constructed using 3"x2" section.

Parts of the roof had been dealt with previously, but the facia had not been touched and much of the rear had fallen out, so much so that rain water, instead of being shed off the rear just fell inside at the back. Both had to be dealt with, so the first task was to deal with the facia of the parts that had already been done.
starting on the barn with the faciaYes I know the measurements are in imperial, but I'm to old to be ruled by Brussels!!

Some 4"x2" sections were also used to provide additional strength where the frames were joined to the uprights.

The first stages are shown above. The frame-work is in position ready for the cladding.

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